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Massapequa Youth Wrestling Guidelines


Tournament Participation is optional for all ages. We recommend all wrestlers participate in a minimum of 2 -3 events. A USA Wrestling Card is needed for participation.


USAW Card Needed - $15 (


- Mouthpiece and headgear is highly recommended for practice and live wrestling at tournaments.


-Wrestlers will be paired by age,

size and ability.


-Please arrive to practice about 5-10 minutes before start time to allow time for putting on wrestling shoes.


-Please have your child put their wrestling shoes on when they arrive at practice.  They are to be worn in wrestling room only otherwise dirt is tracked onto the wrestling mat.


- No Parents are permitted in Wrestling Room at anytime. We only have enough mat space for our wrestlers. School district and insurance regulations mandate we have no one other than participants in the wrestling room. This rule will be strictly enforced by our coaches.


- We are always looking for volunteers during the season any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


-No food or drink are permitted in wrestling room at anytime.


-Please have your wrestler wear shorts and a tee-shirt to practice. You will be provided with Massapequa Wrestling shorts and shirt within the first couple weeks of practice.


-We have received many complaints in the past from some of our tournament hosts about our parents being mat side. We ask that you remain off of the wrestling mats and in the stands during tournaments.


- We will post the tournament schedule on our website and announce upcoming tournaments at practice. All tournament entry forms and checks are to be submitted to a Coach by the deadline or you will not be able to participate in the tournament.


-The practice schedule will be posted on our website as well as upcoming tournaments and events please visit us at


-Any issues or questions you might have during the season please do not hesitate to ask any coach.

Youth Guidelines & Tournaments


Tournament participation is optional for all ages. Tournaments are not recommended for first year wrestlers.


USA Wrestling Card

USAW Card Needed - $15


USAW Card Instructions:





Create your free account


1: Profiles

Click on "Go To Profiles"

Click on "Start Creating a Profile"  for the wrestler and complete this task


2: Memberships Click on "Get Memberships"

Click on "Purchase / Renew Memberships"

Click on "Athlete Purchase / Renew"


3. Chose your membership type (Athlete)

Select Available Memberships, Click on the drop down arrow and populate the menu, select "$15 Athlete - limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership" -- SECTION 8 - Nassau


4. Continue, add Affiliation (Massapequa)


5. Click both the Acknowledgements for USAW Waiver and Safe Sports Go to Cart and Checkout


6. Print three copies of USAW Card 

Bring one to first practice, parents keep one and keep one in wrestling bag



Grand Slam Information:





untitled tourney2 usa wrestling Waiver Flyer